Project Management
Implementing a crash BPR programme in 6 months

Business problems - support a new outsourcing contract urgently
A FTSE100 company owned £bn of operational assets worldwide, which were maintained by an enormous support group. For example, there were about 400 maintenance staff for the head office site alone. To save money, all support had been outsourced and contract had been signed quickly to get a cheap price. As part of the deal, the company had to purchase an asset management system. The system would cover the help-desk, track assets, prepare accounts, record drawings, log staff working time, track materials, allocate overheads and monitor quality. The system had to be installed in 6 months to avoid tough penalty payment.. The big problem is how to implement a big IT system and a BPR programme in 6 months.

Our solution - team  psychology and a two step crash programme
We produced a novel BPR solution with £M savings. We knew that such a sophisticated system would normally take 18-24 months to implement. So we held a creative solution workshop and conceived a two-step crash programme in one afternoon:
   (i) Design new processes, modify existing systems and install core modules by the 6 month deadline.
   (ii) Implement the rest of the new system’s modules within 12 months.
We used team psychology to  motivate everyone. We received tremendous help and met all quality, time and cost targets. We set up the project office and a project board. We appointed work package managers and hired specialist contractors for the work. We even helped to write the business case and get board approval for our novel approach and business process re-engineering design.

Winning results - project payback in 7 months
Within 6 months we had trained 500 people - help desk, maintenance, operations, managers and accounts staff and implemented the system on target.  The company avoided all contract penalties. The final  system increased productivity quickly and raised customer satisfaction significantly.  The new processes enabled faster response times and higher quality standards. The system provided accurate costs and timely management information. There was much less waste and downtime. The savings from the new system and processes were £M pa and the payback period was 7 months.
£bn FTSE100 - CASE STUDY 7
Implementing a complex outsourcing deal quickly
to avoid penalty payments