1. Think bigger. Think differently.
Think BIGGER and think differently  like the small, low cost airlines are outsmarting older bigger rivals. It may be time to leave your current market niche and learn something new as the pace of life gets faster. Seek your hot ideas from within yourself and your centre of passion. You need to learn how others have grown rapidly - starting from a tiny dream.  Learn from other entrepreneurs who have made a fortune by new inventions, new processes and consolidating disorganised markets. Some decided to set gigantic goals they could not achieve in their lifetime. We have techniques to stimulate the unconscious right-side of your brain to generate money spinning ideas.

2. Prepare a money blueprint
You need to turn your dream into a clear vision with money appeal  to turn people on - so they’ll support it too, either giving their time or lending money.  This is a key step -  turning your hot ideas into clear money making proposals with national or global appeal. You’ve got to estimate your sales, costs and profit. Put a few numbers into a rough, one page, money blueprint. If the financials can’t be put onto the back of the proverbial “envelope,” you won’t get any backers. You’ll only grow fast using the principle of OPM - Other People’s Money. We can help to prepare realistic numbers using our experience so you’ll stand a better chance of  raising capital.

3. Build your dream team
You cannot make a quantum leap in growth -  alone. We can help you discover  the power of delegation and teamwork in order to expand a company or develop a new product. You’ll need a team of people with an assortment of skills to help you  launch your proposal - accountants, bankers, solicitors, operations and sales executives etc. Perhaps you need to form a joint venture company. There are several ways to build a dream team at reasonable cost.

4. Communicate your business plan to stand out from the crowd.
We’ll show you there is plenty of money available to fund hot ideas.  The best business plans are short documents proposing highly profitable products and services but you’ll only have one chance to make a good impression to a backer. We can help you prepare a strong presentation and a business case that should convince backers they need to fund your proposal. Don’t let all your hard work be spoiled by poor communications skills. The financial community receives dozens of proposals, so you need to make yours stand out from the crowd.

5. Launch and payback
Only action, energy and feedback can convert dreams into reality. Also you must monitor your project,  timescales and costs constantly. New ventures often cost 3-5 times more and take 3-5 times as long as you think - before breaking even. Be prepared for the dark side - such as a personal guarantee, borrowing against your family home, communicating bad news, delays and cost overruns to ask for more money whilst keeping your project on track and maintaining team morale.
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