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Stock Market - shortcuts & secrets
“Secrets of Forecasting Shares” is written by JK Spittal, a City insider and a Member of The Securities and Investment Institute.

THIS BOOK/TRAINING MANUAL is for you if you are interested in the stock market but don’t know how to begin.
Have you ever bought shares but made a loss or wanted to improve your profits?
Are you disappointed with momentum, MACD and other technical analysis indicators?
This book will teach you new material to BUY LOW and SELL HIGH with a higher probability of winning.

IT REVEALS THE SECRETS OF SMART MONEY PEOPLE. It’ll teach you the four key price patterns and 10 price principles that shares often follow. Since these patterns repeat, you can make forecasts of share prices & timescales BEFORE you buy. Therefore you achieve a much higher probability of making a profit - in some cases forecasts are accurate to 1p. It’ll show you how to BUY LOW and SELL HIGH and “10 mins” shortcuts. So you don’t have to spend a lot of time studying shares. Plus tips on the patterns that often predict  soaring prices!
This manual is worth a fortune. It reveals warning signs of market peaks and troughs. It’s like insurance protecting your shares. The signs are clear when you know how to read them. Firstly, you must realise the financial institutions are in business to make money for themselves by getting fees from their customers. Their objective is to beat the FT index  and to hold shares permanently.  They do not lose money in a stock market crash because they’ll still collect their fees. Consequently when the FT index falls 20% but their funds fall 17%, they will claim to be doing a great job since they beat the index by 3%!! In contrast, the objective of Smart Money People is to make a profit every year. When the market is very bad, Smart Money People “cash in” their shares and wait for the market to improve. Obvious isn’t it?  If you were in a car and saw a red light, you’d apply your brakes. You can be trained to do the same with shares.

Smart Money People love strong small shares
Most institutional funds grow slowly on average about 3-7% pa because they tend to invest in the top 100 companies in the London Stock Market.

However there are about 3,000 smaller companies, which Smart Money People know have the fastest growth. Yet the TV and the daily press hardly mentions any small company - despite 400 of them showing gains of over 100%.

Recently 60 companies rose over 500% and 10 rose over 1,000% - whilst the biggest gain was over 5,000% - no that’s not a typing error. One share rose over 5,000% or 50 times in 12 months!! The manual tells you where to find listings of strong shares so you can build your own share pipeline.
More important lessons:  It’ll show you how to ...
- Make a trading plan.  - Get free company information.  - Understand stock market basics, jargon and accounts.
- Practice without using money.  - Find a stockbroker. - Turnaround a failing portfolio. - Keep your profits tax free.
- Analyse your own investment style.  - Overcome your fears with trading psychology. - Develop a trading instinct.

- Stop a small loss from growing into a big loss. - Read the signs of market peaks & troughs. - Buy low. Sell high. - Follow your own investment style. - Avoid share dealing scams and read “between the lines” in the press.
- Improve your timing using high probability events and a consistent methodology.